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August 18, 2007


Sales Jobs

I agree.... Many of the Job Boards try to be everything to everyone and lose the specific niche of a particular job.

Job Search Engines

I agree. I think more niche based search sites would be great. A lot easier for the job seeker.

insurance agent leads

As a recruiter this brings in job candidates that would never have considered a certain field. Many times these people would have never considered anything outside of their own experience but often these people who are new to the insurance business prove to be better suited for it than those with a lifetime of experience because they bring with them new ideas and a fresh outlook on the business.

Mario Gedicke

So why have you stopped writing your Blog?? You had some great content on here...

Bob Wilson

Thanks Mario. :)

Producing quality content was more time consuming than I expected. Somewhere along the way, blogging shifted from something I did for 'enjoyment' to something that felt like 'work'.

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