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July 04, 2007


Andrew Lampe


Thanks for the kind words. We're at about 50% of where we want the end product to be. We've still got some stability issues creeping up on the backend, but all in all I'm very satisfied to what we accomplished on the technology side. Your onetcoder is the bomb, yo!



Thanks Bob, that quirk, well, that was a bug I introduced 2 days ago (maybe less), for those users without javascript, they need to go directly to the search results and let the filters on the side present the Onets that results from those keywords, in that case, I want those keywords in the keyword box unitl they choose a code from the filters. But, made it so they went into the keywords no matter what. So, thanks for pointing that out, I had missed it ;-)


Nursing Job Hunter, RN, BSN

Of course job boards are in denial and so are the people who use them.

Look at Monster, the "largest" . . . well maybe not the largest, but the most popular job board out there. They have maybe, maybe 3% of all advertised jobs listed on their site.

You can post your resume for free, but they never tell the job applicant that they turn around and sell that resume via access to a resume database.

It is a joke really. Only 3% of all job can be found at Monster and all of them are the most competed for on the market. There are a lot better ways to find work than using a big job board.

You are far better off actually posting your resume to the dozen top job boards and have employers find you.

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