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July 24, 2007


christian anderson

Hey Bob,

No matter how the final rankings work out for Jobster, the work you've done is fantastic and is a great illustration of what bloggers ought to strive for.

In my view, work like you're in the process of completing will strengthen the position of blogging in recruiting.

While obviously I’m pleased with the results so far for selfish reasons, it is this kind of deliberate work that should be what we in the industry and more specifically in the recruit-o-sphere should get excited about and blog about and debate.

We at Jobster are continuously making improvements across the board and while the jury is still out on who is #1, we are already looking forward to next year to see how the improvements, tweaks, and additions we make on almost a daily basis fair against the rest.

Congrats to CareerBuilder and SimplyHired and kudos to you. Thank you for endeavoring in what I’m sure is not a small undertaking.

Christian Anderson

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