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April 14, 2007


Amitai Givertz

Some things are worth repeating: Bob, you are a class act.

Chad Sowash

"Conviction without foundation in fact is simply prejudice."

Unfortunately, I believe most have taken Mr. Sumser's prejudice as fact for years. The blogging community provides an opportunity to uncover such prejudice, while applying a new notion of journalistic accountability.

Well executed post Bob.

Bill Warren

Bob...I agree with Ami --- You are a class act. This is well said without malice. I hope John takes this as an opportunity to reflect on himself and his approach during the last few years.

Executive Restaurant Recruiter

Nice post Bob... you took him nicely to task. Something that I don't think is done often enough.

Recruiting Animal

Hawaiian Shirt, this is a good posting. I don't know enough to comment on the issues myself but you appear to give John a clear basis on which to respond. Well done.

Although, I think it's fair for him to say that he wonders about something out loud. It doesn't indicate that he knows all of the answers.

Regards from The Recruiting Animal

Bob Wilson

Thanks all for the words of encouragement.

Animal, I agree that wondering aloud is a good thing if one is listening for an answer.

Since John doesn't accept comments on his site, his 'wondering' appears to me to be more of a 'turn of phrase', implying that if the other party knew as much as I do, then I wonder why they'd be doing what they're doing.

Maybe I'm wrong though ... it happens more than I'd like.


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