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November 07, 2006


phil carpenter

The good folks at, Simply Hired's partner in the development of this new search offering, put companies through a rigorous certification process before deeming them "age-friendly." This list of qualifying companies will undoubtedly be refined/expanded over time, but the vetting process is solid.

However, what you're asking for, Robert, is additional filtering capabilities from Simply Hired, the ability to filter on new attributes (e.g. flex hours) beyond those that are available on Simply Hired today. And filtering criteria you suggest here are good ones. Can't tell you when we'll add these ... but do know that we hear you, and that we appreciate thougtful product input like this.

Bob Wilson

Hi Phil ... thanks for posting feedback.

Having no prior experience with I'll have to take your word for the rigorous review. I'd feel better about the validation if it wasn't the 'gate' that then allows companies to list job ads on their site ... doesn't this create a conflict of interest of sorts between limiting participation and increasing revenue?

More importantly, I've been around enough to know that corporate personnel policies are implemented by managers on the front lines ... sometimes there is a big disconnect between the policies and implementation.

In the end, age-friendly policies are great; but no one I know selects a job based on corporate policy.

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