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November 20, 2006


Insider Info

that's because the folks who crafted the original mission statement are no longer working at simply hired.

Ask people who have left the company about why they parted ways and you'll find them saying many of the same things...


you're right, but maybe you push they little too much. Vertical job search can't make money from jobposting like Careerbuilder and Monster. They provide free tool for candidate with ads.

Bob Wilson

Thanks for posting Insider. Is there a lesson here regarding the risks of outside investment?

I've wondered if the VCs funding SH have pushed for a different vision and staffing changes.

Bob Wilson

Hi Lutao ... perhaps I am being too hard on SH ... I hope not.

I'm not concerned that SH is generating revenue through paid placement ... it's their specifc implementation that seems both poor and contrary to their stated mission.

Take a look at for a better way to mix paid placement with organic search results.

phil carpenter

Bob -- we appreciate these candid comments. And as you and I discussed at the Direct Employers conference, the implementation of Featured Jobs that you see on the site is v1.0 for us. With the feedback that we get from customers, advertisers, and industry observers, we'll certainly tweak our design.

We're just as committed to our mission of making job search simple now as we were at launch. And we're not just listening to comments like these -- we're acting on them. Stay tuned for more.

Bob Wilson

Thanks for the excellent response Phil!

OK, I understand that v1.0 products aren't ideal; but it has been almost two months since the initial rollout of 'featured' ads ... that's not a long time in many industries, but in the web world, frequent updates are common.

It makes sense to tweak the design based on customer feedback, but what does your heart tell you? Is the current layout best for jobseekers? If not, then better to update your mission.

Best wishes.

Jeff Tokarz

SimplyHired = SimplyHijinks

Barry Beano is not showing any more paid placements. They seem to have stopped the sponsored jobs...

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