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October 01, 2006


Nick Roy

I think as more people learn about this whole vertical search concept, companies, such as Monster, will have to adapt to it or die.

Bob Wilson

Thanks for posting feedback Nick. :-)

Yes, I agree that the vertical search market participants are redefining the electronic job ad market, putting pressure on the big three.

But the big three have huge advertising budgets that will keep them in the dominant position for years to come.

Even so, I'd bet on the young guns.



maybe designer want display more information in search result list, but I feel it takes too much space, so no space for ads.

seeker cann't save the search as alert or RSS at same page.

beta jobsearch missed Related search feature.

I agree with you jobsearch product need improvement at occupational dictionary.

Bob Wilson

Hi Lutao ... thanks for pointing out the limitations that you found.


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