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September 28, 2006


Barry Hurd

I think the tragic flaw here is "BusinessWeek Online Best-of-the-Web". The Jobster, The Ladders, Craigslist, Dice, Monster, HotJobs, LinkedIn, Mediabistro, and SimplyHired are all chewing away at different parts of the problem.

BusinessWeek is not a recruiting magazine, and have fairly limited understanding of where recruiting is heading.

The SimplyHired team may have some cool user features or perhaps some nifty usage in the BusinessWeek readership, but to declare any of the companies "The Best" really has to make someone ask "who are the judges?"

One of the biggest errors BusinessWeek has been doing from an editorial perspective is that I don't feel the article in question really pinpoints the key differences in these companies.

I could also group REI, Kenneth Cole, and Nike in a cluster and award Nike for "Best Athletic Shoe". If you are going to be awarding or ranking companies, the judge should be aware of the fundamental differences and market audiences.

Nick Roy

Sites like SimplyHired are preferable because they are more intune with their customers. Just like Joel Cheesman mentioned in his presention at OnRec. Can you imagine going to Google and seeing an ad for AIU before seeing your search results? That is exactly what you see at Monster and CareerBuilder. I can see the whole point in vertical search about getting all of your job search in one spot.

Bob Wilson

Excellent points Barry.

I'd been thinking about the BusinessWeek readership, self-selection in responding, and how the results might have varied if the Wall Street Journal or HR Magazine had conducted the survey.

And you are exactly right that the BusinessWeek article doesn't examine the key differences between the companies or their products.

I'd still rather come in first ... and of the sites originally included by BWO (not the write-ins), Simply Hired does rank the highest on the tests that I run, looking at the site from a jobseeker perspective. I'm guessing the BusinessWeek readership is composed mostly of jobseekers.

Thanks for posting feedback!

Bob :-)

Bob Wilson

Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting feedback! :-)

I'm not sure Simply Hired is more in tune with their customers than Monster ... Monster didn't become the most profitable business in the sector by ignoring their customers (yes, I know Career Builder recently passed them on the revenue, but that's not profit).

What I do know is that the primary customer for Simply Hired is the jobseeker, while the primary customer for Monster is the employer. This difference in focus plays out in their interfaces, product features and prices.

I completely agree with you regarding vertical job search ... having access to all of the opportunities from a single search is fantastic for job seekers.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Bob :-)

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