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September 26, 2006



They are already telling the candidates who come to their site that they should send their resume to multiple job boards

Bob Wilson

Hi Jason,

They are encouraging resume cross-posting pretty strongly ... the only text larger on their home page is their logo. It seems they do this because it generates revenue.

Simplifying the cross-posting process for people who want to do it is a good thing. Making money while helping is even better.

But there is a fine line here ... driving traffic to higher profit content, whether it 'fits' the customer or not, has the feel of 'bait and switch' ... they come in for the most relevant content and are shown the most profitable instead.

Maybe I'm wrong on this. Perhaps the current PPC implementation looks just fine to other folks. Either way, let me know.

Bob :-)

pay per click management services

I agree that it depends on the cost per click. As an employer, I’d prefer to pay for clicks coming from people searching for the job I’m advertising. thanks for this post.


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