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August 03, 2006


Tony M

Rob, you're on the mark with this post. The distinguishing feature of a good vertical search engine, in our opinion, is that it should bring structure to a field (like jobs) where no consistent system of organization exists. Search engines in our field need to get better at recognizing unique employers, hiring locations and keeping track of hiring history. It's not an insurmountable problem, but it requires a more structured approach than just scraping all the jobs found on a job board.

Bob Wilson

Thanks Tony! I agree with you that adding structure is critical to improving search results.

In most systems, structure is added at the initial data entry point ... edits can guide the process.

But in vertical search, much of the structure must be inferred from the indexed content ... a huge challenge.


Secrets of the Job Hunt

Well said bob, I don't allow any "work at home" jobs on my boards. They annoy job seekers and provide zero value to their job hunt.

Bob Wilson

Thanks C.M. ... I'm sure your customers appreciate the diligence.

Bob :-)


I don't know if this will help but I put together a site that does craigslist searches and emails you when matches are posted. By using specific keywords and -exclude words in your searches you can really narrow down your searches.


Nice article..thanks for sharing..

Stephen Hornyak

Thanks for that, Bob. I've been cross referencing opportunities by going to the company website, and calling HR. I'm finding that many of the jobs I'm seeing on sites are stale and out of date.

I have no stats, but what it looks like is that Job sites put up "come on" jobs and then ask you to subscribe for "more jobs like this." The Unemployed could spend quite a bit of money on monthly fees for what might be out of date postings.

It seems like those great jobs are hanging around on the sites way too long.

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