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August 21, 2006


Colin Kingsbury

I wonder if this has more to do with Jobster's vertical scraping than cross-posting, though I agree that it all seems a bit mercurial. If anything, the bar to entry to being a Jobster client is quite high versus posting directly to CL, and would IMHO suggest that Jobster's presence would have the net effect of increasing the utility of CL for its users.

As for the larger idea--the real value of Craigslist is that it is sort of like a Slow Lane for the Internet. Because it was adopted first by web-savvy people it is mistakenly held up as a place for the digerati, but its real mission (I think) is to provide something accessible to all of society, including those people who have basically no money, and by definition, are of little or no interest to most businesses.

Bob Wilson

Hi Colin,

Thanks for posting feedback.

“… a Slow Lane for the Internet” … I like it.

Periodically CL has had a problem with vertical scraping/indexing, and they’ve blocked sites in the past for placing too much load on their servers. As you say, they are mercurial.

My reference to cross-posting referred to CL’s requirement that if an employer wants to recruit in ten markets, the employer must place the job ad ten times on ten local sites. This is really lame … the ads are free (or low cost), but the employer’s time isn’t. And why should CL users who are willing to work in either the Bay Area or Sacramento search two distinct sites?

I agree completely that Jobster’s clients would be good for CL, and the jobs coming from Jobster employers would be of interest to CL’s users.

Best wishes,
Bob :-)

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