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July 14, 2006


Shannon Seery

I am with you so far. We wrote about this new site a few weeks ago on EXCELER8ion as well - they just seem all 'sales' not enough real substance to me so far.

I saw some of their sales collateral as they are approaching clients agressively - they list their PPC at $.50 a click. Interesting.

Bob Wilson

Thanks for posting Shannon!

It's interesting to hear that they are approaching clients aggressively. I'd think they'd want to create a little buzz with press releases, and blog entries by the president, ala Jason@Jobster and Marc@TheLadders, so prospective customers could 'Google' them for validation.

At this point there's Joel's post, your's asking if anyone knows about GetTheJob, and mine which isn't exactly glowing. Not much to base a relationship on if I'm an employer.

Time will tell if they are a viable player.


C.M. Russell

I agree Bob, other than a nice blog, there isnt any reason to use the site.

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