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July 25, 2006


John Stevens

You may want to add FlipDog to your list.

Secrets of the Job Hunt

Interesting point about the number of blog posts. Have to think it was a big part of jobster's rise.

Bob Wilson

Hi John. Thanks for posting. Flipdog is on my radar, but it's not clear to me what Monster plans to do with the site.

At the moment, the content and search options are limited; and the 'about flipdog' page gives no clue (to me) as to what differentiates flipdog from monster.

But I'll keep watching.

Bob :-)

Bob Wilson

Hi 'secrets'. Thanks for posting comments!

Bob :-)

Colin Kingsbury

Bob, did you get rid of trackbacks? Anyway, I agree :)

Bob Wilson

Thanks Colin! :-)

Yes, I did drop trackbacks ... the majority of them (not yours of course) were of the spam variety, and some were for 'adult content'. Very embarrassing on a professional blog. Just didn't feel that the risk was worth it.


Damon Billian

Hi Bob,

While blogging is important, I believe that much of the trendline is based on traditional PR and media exposure (check our spike after the MySpace announcement in April). The same kind of spikes can be seen when we did announcements for dog-friendly filters, SimplyFired press announcements, etc.

That being said, we are currently getting someone to work on our blog (a respected blogger in the HR field). I would expect many more blog entries as early as next month.

Note: The folks at Jobster are doing a great job on their blog. I think many companies, not just job search companies, could learn from what they are doing.

Damon Billian
SimplyHired Community Marketing Manager

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