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July 29, 2006



Hey Bob, Thanks for talking about this. from my perspective, it seems that you are talking about this from the standpoint of a jobseeker doing searches and wanting them to be accurate. From my perspective I am coming to this as a recruiter.( I am not a jobseeker) As a recruiter I don;t really care too much how accurate careerbuilder is from a search standpoint. I just want to have my new recruiting tool undertsand that if Intel has just opened up a new microprocessor architect position and it is on their website, I will be notified that I have 85 or maybe more people in my database that fit this bill and rank them. That is really all I need maybe a few other things as well I have thought up over the last 24 hours. The recruiter could then pick up the phone and start making placements

Bob Wilson

Thanks Jason.

My background is in public employment service rather than private recruitment … so I was looking at this from the perspective of having clients (job seekers) and helping them get in the door with employers. Still an intermediary, but working for jobseeker clients. It seems the same principles would apply.

I mentioned CareerBuilder only to help illustrate the differences between conventional search and ‘holy grail’ search.

And I figure your time is important, and you don’t want to be making phone calls that have a low conversion rate. True?

If 1,000 jobs are added to employer job sites that you track each day, and if you have 1,000 candidates in your database, no matter how I look at this, I can’t see that you’ll have enough time in the day to work them all.

So wouldn’t you want/need a ‘holy grail’ search engine that matches all new opportunities against all candidates and ranks the results by degree of fit between job and candidate? This seems more efficient from my perspective … but it may not fit your industry.


Yes you would need a great matching engine to ensure that the info you get is accurate. Recruiting is not a bulk business so recruiters do not need to make a ton of placements in order to make a ton of money. Recruiters are used to making phone calls and getting rejected all of the time. But If a good recruiter knows that the candidate he is presenting to a company is what that company is looking fore, it will take more than a few no's from HR and those looking to save recruiting fees to get the recruiter to stop in his mission to introduce his candidate.

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