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February 17, 2006


David Manaster


How do you define 100% coverage?


Thanks a lot for your review, Bob. Since Indeed was launched in 2004, our philosophy has been to put the job seeker first, to give job seekers the best possible job search experience, and we continuously improve our service in our goal of providing the most comprehensive and relevant job search results. It's great to have had that acknowledged by Job Search Engine Guide!

Paul - one search. all jobs.

Bob Wilson


As mentioned in the original post in this series, evaluating coverage is a challenge. Vertical search sites (e.g. Indeed, Jobster and SimplyHired) try to find all of the available job ads; yet, these sites vary significantly in the number of ads they report for a common geography. Variances in search algorithms, meta-data assignment, and handling of duplicate records all complicate the comparison process.

Add in the speed at which job ads open and close, plus the rapid rate of change in technology behind the sites, and it becomes critical that the methodology used to compare coverage between sites constrains the scope to allow rapid turnaround.

For this comparison, Eugene, Oregon was selected as the home to a hypothetical job seeker. With a population of roughly 150,000, Eugene is large enough to have its own Craigslist site, isolated enough from other cities to minimize the effects of variances in geographical classification, and small enough to provide a manageable number of online job ads for comparison between sites.

Each of the 10 job sites in this comparison then contributed 5 job ads from the Eugene area to a test sample of 50 jobs; no duplicate or closed ads were allowed in the sample. Each job site was then searched for all 50 jobs, and a ‘coverage score’ was calculated. The minimum possible coverage score is 10% since each site contributed 5 of the 50 job ads in the test sample.

The hypothetical job seeker in this test is looking for the site containing all 50 jobs (100% coverage).

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