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February 21, 2006


Steven Rothberg,

Great suggestion, but some job boards call those feeds alerts or agents. The terminology may differ, but they pretty much all operate the same way. Rather than the candidate having to run the same search day-after-day, they run it once, save the search, and then the job board automatically emails them whenever a new, matching opportunity is posted.

These feeds a/k/a alerts a/k/a agents are tremendous time savers and eliminate just one of the many excuses that some candidates have for not networking. While job boards are great tools for finding a new position, they're just one tool and most people find new positions through networking.

Steven Rothberg, President and Founder career site

Abhishek Goyal

I feel the knowledge gap in job industry is so high that it needs some extremely good tool to make the information flow seemless. Although vertical search engines like indeed are pretty helpful, still it need a great matching engine to help to find something really good for yourself. I have never been able to knock some unknown opportunity just by unknown sources. It has always been through some folks you know. A combination of linkedin, brainbench, topcoder, portal(monster and craigslist) and usenet is what it takes to build a great place to make this information flow seemlessly and with enough reliability.

Bob Wilson

I agree, we still "... need a great matching engine". Part of the problem rests with the way we search ... we enter two words on average, and then we wonder why the search results are so poor.

At the same time, current search engines are optimized to work best with short strings, since this the way most people search. So, when users try adding four or five words, the search results are typically worse.

Still plenty of room for improvement!

Bob Wilson :-)

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