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February 14, 2006



Hi Bob,

How does Jobster "focus more on helping jobseekers get noticed by employers, than on presenting the most job ads".

Bob Wilson


Each of the four remaining job boards (in alpha order) has a primary focus:

Indeed: vertical search for job seekers
JobCentral: low cost job board and resume bank for employers
Jobster: social networking between employers and job seekers
SimplyHired: vertical search for job seekers

Only Jobster’s primary focus is on the social connection between job seeker and employer. And there is no better way to get interviews than through referrals from trusted employees.

In addition, take a look at the blog for each of the top four sites:

At Indeed, you’ll find mostly posts about new product features. At JobCentral you’ll find mostly press releases regarding HR trends. At Jobster, you’ll find mostly posts with career advice. And at SimplyHired, you’ll find mostly posts about … hmm, fired valentines, disco, dogs, and other eclectic topics. Of the four, Jobster seems most focused on helping jobseekers get noticed by employers.


just to clarify: it's true our blog posts *are* about disco & dogs.

however, our posts also about the Silicon Valley Search SIG we run, about leading companies & topics in vertical search, new technology concepts like mashups, and opinions on how companies like big players such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are influencing the market.

that said, we admit we're probably a lot less serious than the others noted above -- and hopefully that leads to a more distinctive voice & brand, not to mentione a more fun & interesting read for our users.

nothing against the other folks tho -- enjoy reading those other blogs too... both Jobster and Indeed do some great stuff, and we're a partner with JobCentral as well.

still, we certainly don't mind being different.

- dave mcclure

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