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January 14, 2006



actually Bob, we've been doing a pretty regular amount of search engine marketing for the past six months... nothing new there.

that said, SEM hardly ever been more than a quarter of our monthly traffic, and usually it's more like 10-15%. contrary to both your analysis and mr. cheesman's earlier last year, SEM is just one method we use to drive traffic. the vast majority of our traffic comes from organic & viral word-of-mouth means.

we did try a few new & different things in december that appeared to have had some decent results. however, much as i'd like to claim credit for our new & improved marketing schemes, we'll probably just stay focused on trying to build useful products & features for our users...

in any case, we appreciate the link love :)

- dave mcclure

Bob Wilson

Great comments Dave ... thanks!

Congratulations on finding some new things that worked in December.

Bob :-)

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